Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Birthday to the Marianists

On this day in 1801, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade and a group of committed men and women formed the first Marianist sodality, giving birth to Marianist Lay Communities. As I reflect on my own involvement in Marianist communities, I pause to reflect on their impact on my life and how I relate to my family as community, my church as community, my city as community, and the wider world as community. I'm reminded of my responsibility to remember that we are to be united with one soul and one heart. I am who am I because of all I've experienced and all whom I've encountered. A part of me lives in them too. If only the whole world could experience this gift. We have much work to do to continue to build community. May we continue be guided by Chaminade's inspiration.

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